Have you found your soulmate? Planning to tie the knots with your prince charming? Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and perhaps you would like to preserve the moments and transform them into memory of a lifetime. Here arises the requirement of a wedding photographer. A big fat Indian wedding planning is incomplete without hiring of a wedding photographer.

A picture speaks where words fail to explain. Wedding preparations are incomplete without hiring a photographer or videographer. Wedding album and video is perhaps the best way to relive those golden moments. Wedding is a special day and you cannot risk it by getting it covered by an amateur. A professional photographer is skilled enough to rightfully capture wedding emotions.

No matter wherever your getting hitched with the number of photographers available in the wedding market finding the ideal one proves to be a dainty task. Are you looking for the best wedding photographers in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever your planning to tie the knot. Wondering how to trudge ahead with your quest for an ideal wedding photographer? Then your quest ends here as we have garnered for you a list of questions that would steer your sear for a wedding photographer in the right direction. Here have a look.

Questions That You Need To Ask Your Wedding Photographers

Q. Are you available for my wedding date?

A mandatory genuine question that you must ask your wedding photographer that whether they are available for your set wedding dates or not. You might have got your heart set on the work of a particular wedding photographer but what if you discover that they are not available for the set wedding dates. Sounds like a disappointment, right! To avoid this glitch while booking a wedding photographer check with them their availability dates.

Q. What are the standard prices of your photography packages?

A wedding photographer has different packages which differ on the basis of the services included. Right from covering pre wedding shoots to the post production work the wedding photography packages cover it all.

Q. Will there be a second photographer on the wedding?

At a wedding what if your photographer falls ill or is not available because of some reason what would happen then. To escape from such a situation it is better to have a second opinion, having a second photographer. While booking a wedding photographer ask them about the number of photographers who would be present in at the time of the wedding. Presences of a second photographer cover up the place just in case main photographer cannot manage.

Q. Does your photography package cover the printed release as well?

Often the wedding photography package also includes the costing of the printing releases. Wedding photographers also. If you’re seeking for a customized wedding album then you need to inform your wedding photographer well in advance about your requirement so that they can cater to the same.

Q. What is included in your contract?

You have booked your wedding photographer but how do you safeguard your booking. Well that is quite simple just make a contract and get it signed by the photographer. Often a wedding photographer gets the contract made but the pointers included in it are mutually decided by the two parties. Before signing the contract read carefully the terms and conditions of it.

Q. Do you have a portfolio?

A top wedding photographer would always have a portfolio which would comprise their work samples, description of part work, links to their social platforms, company profile, list of major clients served, brand image, market value, skillfulness, quality, creative thinking and photography styles.

Q. How many years of experience do you hold in wedding photography?

Experience counts and it is one of the most essential thing for a wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer with 5-6 years of experience in the field would be able to better cater your requirements in comparison to an amateur photographer who has just entered in the photography business.

Q. What are your different photography styles?

Right from candid, traditional to drone, portrait, landscape there is a plethora of photography styles available. A professional wedding photographer needs to be well versed with the different wedding photography styles. While booking a wedding photography ask them about the various styles of photography that they know about.

Have you yet found your wedding photographer? Tell us in the comments below about which photography style your opting for at your wedding.