Creating social media content is tough and not quite easy like writing an essay for your school. It has to have that fun element of surprise in it and should be attractive enough for more people to come and enjoy the services. It is true to state that social media scheduling is important to know more about not just the content but ways to use it perfectly. There are some ways in which you can address the value of social media content better. If you are trying to create personal or business content on Instagram, then using some tools might guide you through the course well. Buffer Publish is one such app, whose use can change the way you look out at the business.


Buffer Publish – what you need to know about it?

Buffer Publish is one scheduling tool or app, which helps the entire team of professionals to create, schedule, collaborate and publish proper content to the present social media accounts. It comprises of built-in analytics to help you track down the performance of the posts in Instagram and other social media channels.

  • It comprises of some of the best features like Tailored Posts Composer, Posting Schedule and Browser Extension, which will make scheduling any social media post an easy task.
  • Furthermore, this app will also support Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Pinterest in here.
  • To get started with the use of this app, you have to connect it with at least one social media account. You can use the Personal profiles and the Business profiles for the Instagram section.
  • For some other social media channels, you have Facebook and its pages and groups, Twitter and its profiles, Pinterest with its boards and LinkedIn with its profiles and pages. You can check out with to learn more about it now.

The Buffer benefits all the way:

Buffer is known to have one organized layout, which will make it easier to keep the social media accounts updated. It comprises of automated feature for the timing social media posts.

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  • The current user interface comprises a sophisticated appearance with multiple options available for adding the social media networks, which are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with Instagram too.
  • This app provides the ability to make the status updates and also to create the tweets. It can be well posted over various networks at same time and present the Instagram users with the option to decide on the post to be posted.

Pricing of Buffer Publish:

For individuals, the use of this app is free forever. It can easily support IOS and Android apps and comes handy with Pablo image creator, GIF uploader, Video uploader, link shortening and more. On the other hand, for the awesome collection, you have to pay around $10 per month for 10 social accounts with IG included in it and 100 scheduled posts. It comes handy with browser extensions; RSS feed, mobile apps IOS and Android and calendar to name a few.