Partners sleeping in different bed is normally associated with quarrels or serious problems in the relationship. The society still believes that lovers must and always want to sleep together. However, it’s not suitable for everyone. Below we will discuss how the habit of couples sleeping separately influences their relationship.

How the habit of couples sleeping separately influences their relationship?

1. This Can Reduce Tension

Sleeping separately is the most adequate solution for those who are uncomfortable sleeping with a partner. The reasons can be different and include uncomfortable or a small sleeping place, annoying habits (snoring, sleepwalking), and different sleep regimens. Partners often complain about these problems but continue to sleep together due to fear that if they don’t, their relationship will suffer. As a result, irritation is accumulated in each of them which can turn into a big issue over time.

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The decision to sleep separately from your partner, if there are objective reasons for it, will help keep you close and warm to each other.

2. Have a Positive Effect on Health

Qualitative sleep is very important for daily productivity and the lack of sleep has a negative impact on health in the long term. A noisy partner or a narrow bed may seem a minor irritant, as it is easier to tolerate them than to part with your beloved or buy a bigger sofa. But if you sleep in such conditions every night, it will seriously affect your physical and mental health. Periodic headaches or back pain may appear which later can turn into chronic pain.

3. May Be the Best Solution for Families with Small Children

Even if the baby sleeps in a crib, parents often have reasons to put him/her in their bed. In families with small children, one partner is usually on maternity and assumes most of the responsibilities for caring for the child, while the second works. It becomes very important for the employed partner to get enough sleep. In this case, sleeping separately will help both of you to better cope with your tasks.

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4. Not Necessarily Bad for Sex

Fear of intimate problems is the main reason why people in relationships are afraid of sleeping separately. However, the frequency and amount of sex are not determined by how often you both are in bed together. You manage your bodies yourself and nothing prevents you from spending time together, making love, and then going to sleep separately. Some of the couples reported that this actually improved their intimate life.

5. More “Me” Time

Most often we do not have time to be alone with ourselves during the day. Joint sleep deprives us of the personal space that is necessary to comprehend and think over the experiences of our day. The decision to sleep separately does not mean that you will no longer stay in the bed until the morning. You can sleep separately only from time to time to get some “me” time.

6. This Practice Is Not Suitable for Everyone

The decision to sleep separately will be useful for the relationship only if it is mutual. Sometimes a person gets used to sleeping with someone and it is physically difficult to fall asleep alone or a person likes tactile sensations. In any case, it’s useful to make sure that your desire to sleep together is provoked by a real need, not social stereotypes. 

It is important to overcome the stigma regarding sleeping separately. Then people will not be shy to ask their partner to sleep separately or be afraid to tell their friends about such practice.