The vast majority of future homebuyers and sellers are Millennials, which is a BIG part of Realtors ‘ value prop on Twitter. In fact, 37% of Twitter users are between 18-29 years of age, and 25% are between 30-49 years of age. If you’re targeting local seo for real estate millennials based in the US, your leads are likely to be on Twitter. And because of the nature of this platform for social media, they are likely to be high quality leads to booting.

But on Twitter, the way you win will look very different from how you win on Facebook or Instagram. To be clear, we’re talking about organic leads when we’re talking about generating leads on Twitter— not sponsored posts or ads. And there’s plenty reasons to have organic leads via real estate social media marketing services. It’s all about how you’re connecting with your audience and sharing the kind of high-value, in-depth expertise that wins on Twitter.

The Do’sfor real estate Business

Create content calendar

Twitter’s temptation is to dive into and start firing off the tweets right away. But just like with your other social networks, you need to take the time to develop a set social media calendar and strategy to clarify what kind of content you’re going to tweet (e.g., personal or professional updates only?). Make sure that your Twitter calendar is packed with value-driven content, including facts about the neighborhoods you are working in, specific areas of local expertise, and seasonal market-related updates.

Monitor the lists

While using an automated content calendar can definitely lighten the Twitter workload, this platform’s magic is in its real-time nature. That means you’ll have to get in and join the convoy. Remember, however, that not all convos are created equal. Establishing a Twitter List helps you track thousands of relevant leads and influencers so you can filter through the noise and see exactly what your most important Twitter connections are up to.

Engage a lot

Once you know what to tweet about and with whom to speak on Twitter, it’s time to get there and get involved! There’s a ton of different ways to get into the game, from liking, commenting and re-tweeting to hosting regular group chats. However, on Twitter, you choose to engage with your leads, just keep it relevant and value-driven.It will help you generate valuable feedback on your content, gain new followers, create a sense of community and help foster stronger relationships with your leaders. A classic rule for Twitter’s great etiquette is to always follow and/or re-tweet when someone is following you or mentioning you.

Use visuals

In particular, visual content is king on social media. More views are given to tweets with photos, images and videos. Like, so much more. Tweets with images bring up to 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets, according to Buffer. If you can make it fun, educational or emotional, bonus points.

Ask questions

Another great rule on Twitter is to ask questions from your audience. People love to talk about local events and issues — and they love polling. Add a few polls or questions to your calendar of Twitter content and you can count on a boost in engagement, quality followers, and leadership.

Make it personal

It has been said before, but it ALWAYS bears repeating in the Internet age: real estate is a business for people. Whatever the number of hot social networks that hit the internet, people will always prefer to interact with a human. In fact, as the number of social networks increases, your leaders are likely to appreciate a more personal touch!Show off your human side by posting updates, events and celebrations behind the scenes. Use a simple, familiar style and don’t worry about relaxing and being yourself. After all, the goal is for them to meet you personally one day!

Use the 80/20 rule

Probably you’ve heard this one before, but it’s another rule worth repeating. Make sure 80% of what you post is useful or interesting information—such as how-to articles, business recommendations, local news, tips for home buying, etc. Once you are sure that you have given your leads and followers value, you can go to 20 percent of promotional posts such as listings, open houses and special offers.

The Don’tsfor real estate Business

  • With an onslaught of listings and open house information, don’t overwhelm followers. Keep it up to date, consistent, and relevant to your community’s latest news.
  • Do not overuse hashtags and abuse them. The right hashtags are great, but it just looks icky to add a million unnecessary # symbols to your posts.
  • With your tweets, don’t get greedy. Twitter’s great thing is that you can post much more often than on other social channels. Still, tweeting back-to-back multiple times or trying to squeeze in over 140 characters just looks a bit desperate.
  • With your tweets, don’t get greedy. Twitter’s great thing is that you can post much more often than on other social channels. Still, tweeting back-to-back multiple times or trying to squeeze in over 140 characters just looks a bit desperate.