Below are some of the best and useful websites related to the prank which you can perform and can upload on all social media platform to prank or troll your friends or family members.

One of the elements in today’s online world is pranking videos, funny clips which are enough to make up roll laughing over the floor. The internet is literally getting overloaded by such pranking and laughing video which is really capable of making you really mad laughing. People do spend a lot on hiring a whole team and writer just to get that one fantastic idea of prank by which no one gets hurt and the audience also get cheered up by seeing that extraordinary prank video but do you really know that there are several amazing sites by which you can get numerous healthy and fabulous ideas. This will not only save you from different hardworking issues but also it will save a lot of your money also. Setting up a prank can be very difficult for those who haven’t done any detailed study related to the IT field but because of such sites, you can easily set up a prank without any professional help or nay detailed knowledge related to IT.

So listed below are some of the best and useful sites related to the prank which you can perform and can upload on all social media platform:

Which Are The Best and Useful Prank Websites On The Internet?

1. Blow up the Phone

Blow up your friends Phone with prank texts

This site is especially for all prank calls which you can make to all of your relatives and friends. The reaction can differ from person to person but the enjoyment and entertainment you’ll feel cannot be replaced. Every person has a very different approach to reacting when it comes to prank video. So you should always be prepared against the reactions you’ll get by the person you are pranking with.

Website link: Blow up the Phone

2. Facebook scary Prank | Funny Prank Websites

This is the most frequently used and most actively used prank website which is one of the best scary pranks. It is literally very easy because you just need to share the link of that particular prank page and when the person to whom you have sent the link will open it, they’ll find a ghost coming out a form that particular facebook page. Once they’ll open it it’s a surety that they’ll get scared.

Website link: Facebook scary Prank

3. Prank space | Best Funny Prank Website

Prank space is a site that is a multi-operational site which has many diverse prank ideas. And with the help of those pranks, you can make prank of any of your friends, colleague or even your family. You can learn many magic prank which can help you in pranking your mates. In this, you’ll get many ideas related to audio as well as video pranking.

4. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer | Best prank website on internet

It is a superb pranking video because it literally gives an effect of hacking, if you share a link the person who got the link will actually believe that his/her system is hacked because a proper hacking type of coding is available in the page that will appear with a dialogue showing “Access granted” which will make the person more panicked that they really got hacked by the person who has sent this link to them.

Website Url: Hacker Typer

5. What’s wrong with the room?

This is a haunted prank website which is not for a weak-hearted person. Because if you start searching the room thoroughly you’ll come across many things which might be unwanted and haunting at the same time so it’s better to keep this site as not so preferred site for all pranksters. Those who have cold heart are always advised not to get indulged in such kind of prank website. Because pranking someone else could lead it to effect yourself internally also. So it’s better if you are a cold-hearted person to opt for some friendly and supporting prank website. 

6. Peters answer | Prank Websites On The Internet

Peters answer | Prank Websites On The Internet

You have earlier heard that there are sites which can answer all your questions as in astrology sites but this prank site will also answer all of those questions asked by you or any of your friend. You can ask the site any bullshit question and it will answer accordingly and it will be obviously user-friendly and a positive language which doesn’t hurt anybody’s feeling or emotions lately. It’s a really cool and chilled out a site which doesn’t really harm the people and often it leads to enjoyment and increasing happiness and enjoyment at that particular moment.

Website link: Peters Answer

7. Google terminal

Google terminal

If you have ever imagined how would google look when it was in ’80s then it would be the perfect site for you. Because if you search through this site it will accordingly give the result in ’80s design which will really feel exciting when you’ll see the results in that manner and way. The results which you’ll get will be in a terminal form that’s why it has been named as Google terminal which totally looks like 80’s Google.

Website url: Google Terminal

8. Updating Facebook status from any fake device | Prank websites

The world knows the craze related to iPhones and the world also knows that it isn’t that affordable to everybody but people are obsessed with having a sign or tag of that iPhone. So with the help of this site you can update status through many different kinds of phone and people do believe that you are actually using that particular phone which can be quite interesting though.

9. Fake update | Funny Prank Websites

Fake update | Funny Prank Websites

Every phone or browser comes up with a lot of updates regularly which help in maintaining the life of the phone and of your browser as well. Seeing the update we read the details related to the update and get confirmed that the phone or other device need an update. So if you link this site to any of your friends or relative laptop or phone they’ll not get eventually that what and why there is so much fo update notification going on.

Website url: Fake update

So these are some of the most used and reviewed sites related to pranking which has succeeded really well and has managed to fool and prank other people but a thing which is most important related to the prank videos are that they should be only performed to those people who which enjoy it nicely and will get entertained by those also.