Startups begin with one or two-person that have a crazy idea and then grow into something big. But setting up a startup is no easy feat. Since a startup depends on investment, a startup may have limited capital. Owing to this reason, the employees of a startup wear many hats. A developer also takes care of IT issues, or has to work in sales or advertising and so on.

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The role and responsibility that an employee has here have many layers. That is why hiring for a startup is a challenge for the owner. It is tough to get the right people, and many times they make mistakes that can cost them a lot. The hiring of employees for a startup is difficult because they pay less due to limited budget, job security is not there and people have to work on areas that they know nothing about and their workloads increases. Then how to hire employees? Let’s find out.

In this blog, we will learn about the strategies that you can use to make the process a bit easier.

Best 6 Recruitment Strategies For Startups:

1. Influence People

A person who wants to start a startup is looking for a co-founder or founding member. To find such a member, all you have to do is search for a person or persons who wish to start their own business. Most people want to start their own business and work for themselves, but only a few people can do that.

If you can find such a person and influence them to work with you and start a business, motivate them the right way, you will get a founding member or a co-founder.

If you influence people the right way, you can find people who will work with you to grow your startup into something big.

2. Be prompt with leads about applicants and treat them well

If you get a high-quality applicant’s lead, don’t waste your time. There are tons of people out there who want to hire quality and experience people. When someone of high caliber approaches you, make sure you treat them right. Prioritize them and show why your startup is the right fit for them.

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3. Take advantage of referral culture

The best way to get more employees to your startup is by spreading the news about vacancy through your friends, family or existing employees. Ask your employees to give recommendation for new employees and reward the ones who bring most and talented applicants.

4. Opt for a freelancer

If you are having trouble finding the right person that fits the job requirement, you could always opt for a freelancer. You can also hire them if hiring a full-time employee currently doesn’t work for you.

Most freelancers would love to work with a fast-growing startup. Both parties can see how they fit with each other and if you like their work, you can ask them to join you full-time in the future.

Also, you can freelance to a remote worker as it can work wonders for your business. Some of the best sites to hire freelancers are Upwork,, and Fiverr and more.

5. Having a great workplace and environment

Next to salary, the workplace is an important deciding factor for job applicants to join a startup. A great place for working can attract a lot of millennials to your startup. The office is their second home as they spend a lot of time there, they eat or exercise or even chill there. Keep these aspects in your mind while designing your office.

Also, make sure that the work environment in your office is positive, friendly, and secure because no one wants to work in an environment that stresses them out.

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6. Your startup needs to be branded to recruit more people

It doesn’t matter if you just started or have been on the block for a while, you need to brand your startup. You need the people to know your story, what inspired you to start a company as it will appeal to the right people who want to work with someone like you.

Talk at events or go to a meeting and share your experiences. Use social media to promote your brand. Create a logo and tagline for your startup so that people can recognize you.

Create a blog and share information about your product. Content marketing is the best thing that can get you to the top.

These tips works for all businesses, but since a startup has limited capital, they should invest in these strategies instead of going to recruiting agency. Lastly, believe in your employees and your business will flourish.