Most people do not wish to use the dye over their hair. But, it looks really odd to see the series of gray hair all around the head. Chemicals used in the dyes available in the market will destroy your hair. It will become rough and unattractive. It is the time to use the henna powder for hair.  There are many online sites that has the best combination of such products. You can also look in to the website of Indus valley. This is one of the most authentic sites that will present you with the best henna for hair. Many people know the utility of henna but they don’t know exactly how to use henna for grey hair. In this article we will discuss the same.

Steps to use henna to remove grey hair

Before going for the procedural steps it is very important to know about the ingredients needed for this. Following are the tools that you will require here:

  • Natural henna powder- 3-4 spoons
  • Hot water
  • Medium bowl for mixing
  • Towel or shower cap
  • Gloves
  • Hair brush
  • Conditioner

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How to use henna powder?

You can apply henna powder for hair in few easy steps. Following are the steps:

Boil black tea leaves

The tea liquor creates a wonderful color when combined with the henna powder. Thus, it is very important to get it for this purpose. Take the container where you prepare the tea. Pour the same with water. Let the 1 cup of water boil and you have to pour the black tea leaves in it. Let it boil for some time. Now, strain the water from the tea leaves.

Prepare henna

Take the hot tea leaves liquor that you have prepared. Now add 2 spoons of henna powder in it. Make the consistency such that it becomes a thick paste. Also, soak this for 7-8 hours. It is best to soak the henna overnight.

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Application of mask

Now, part your hair in several sections. This is the time when you require wearing the gloves. Apply the henna with the hair brush that you have collected. Hold each strand and apply the henna mask in each section. The henna powder for hair will be really effective to cover your grey hair completely. Make sure you cover all the hairs that have become grey.

Shower cap

The next step is to make a bun on your hair and cover the same with a shower cap. You have to wait for hours in order to get a good color in your hair. The minimum time you have to wait will be 2 hours. But, you can even wait for 5 hours to get much more effective color in your hair.

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Wash it off

The next step will be to wash your hair thoroughly. Do not use shampoo to your hair as this will remove all colors. After washing your hair with plain water apply conditioner.