The term Fashion Technology has a vast scope. It includes all departments of fashion designing as well as fashion technology. The change in the fashion industry is inevitable so it is very important to know how actually the industry operates and what are the questions that generally trouble you while deciding on this career path. Here are the top 10 questions and answers which are frequently brought up by people from around the world:

1. What is Fashion technology?

Fashion Technology is a branch in fashion departments that deal in almost all technical aspects of designing. The sizing of the garment, the manufacturing, etc are all taken into relevance in this branch.

2. Is it important for a designer to have a fashion-related degree?

Although there is no such hard and fast rule on having a professional degree in designing, it really helps in the long run if you do. If you’re not planning to start your company immediately, an impressive degree can help you reach the doorsteps of Calvin Klein or Dior. It gives to the required skills for handling a competitive marketplace. A lot of designers do not have a degree but have studied at a designing school at some point in their lives.

3. What are the other institutions for fashion designing besides NID and NIFT?

There are a number of institutions in India besides NID and NIFT which provide quality education and practical skills. Pearl Academy, Indian Institute for Crafts and Design, Arch College of Design and Business and many others are all reputed colleges in the said field.

4. While Delhi and Mumbai are considered as fashion capitals, is it necessary for aspiring designers to pursue education from these cities?

Delhi and Mumbai might be popular in this field; however, it is not necessary to pursue education from these cities. Fashion college are all over India, both government and private and each specialises in one thing or other. You might as well wind up in these cities at the beginning of your career!

5. What is a typical entry-level job for a designer?

A typical entry-level job for a designer may be an assistant designer for either a small company or a mom and pop operation. There is a lot of pressure because of the hectic schedule. If you’ve done internships, you may as well get more money than the others.

6. What are new trends in fashion employment?

The biggest growth areas in this field are new media and technology. Graphic designing is also emerging as a great employment opportunity. Design firms are using Computer Aided Design technology but they also want employees who can draw freehand and know how to use this technology.

Top 10 Q&A For Fashion Technology Beginners
Top 10 Q&A For Fashion Technology Beginners

7. Are more students starting their own labels rather than working for other companies immediately after graduation?

Not necessarily. A lot of students might be doing this, however, there has been an increase in the number of freelancers. They don’t want to work a nine-to-five job and want to work for different projects simultaneously. There are more opportunities for freelancers because the economy is good. Most students get their degree, work for a company for experience and then think of a start-up business.

8. What does it take to make an independent designer or start our own label?

Fashion is not just designing; it is managing, planning and executing. It is very important to have a business background. It is very difficult to emerge as a great designer because it requires a lot of hard work. It needs passion, a dream and the courage to hold yourself if you ever fall down.

9. Is Fashion technology too stressful to handle?

Fashion is a hectic field, sure. However, there is nothing so difficult that can’t be handled. It just needs for you to push yourself to your extreme limits and work as hard as you can. The results are almost always encouraging.

10. Does Fashion Technology include drawing?

Fashion technology is not entirely based on drawing but it does include drafts to designs which need to be flat- sketched for reference purposes. You don’t have to be Picasso for this job. Afterall, drawing is just a skill and can be improved as much as possible.

Hoping that this answers all your questions, there is still a lot to explore about this industry. There might be times when it may seem like you can’t, but trust on this: You can if you want to. Fashion is ever growing and it is one of the most popular industries that can currently be spotted growing.