Generally, business owners consider the lead generation process very crucial, but they are wrong because the lead nurturing process is most critical as there would be no point in having a throng of leads in the sales funnel if you are not able to convert them. Lead nurturing is paramount because it increases the movement of leads in the sales pipeline, which as a repercussion, makes the list of customers lengthier.

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However, nurturing leads isn’t easy as you must play your cards to perfection. If industry reports are anything to go by, 79% of leads never convert into customers. The major reason behind this is poor lead nurturing tactics. To put it briefly, effective lead nurturing is vital to seamless business expansion.

For easier and efficacious lead nurturing, email marketing could be proved as the perfect tool. Here are some statics that will shed light on the salience of email marketing:

  • 70% of people go through their email inbox while watching shows on their television.
  • 60% of people give a response to unread emails before going to bed.
  • 50% of people check their email inbox while having a vacation.
  • 42% of people read newly arrived emails when they are in the restroom.
  • 18% of people check their email inbox while driving a car.

Here are some methods that every presumed lead generation company UK employ for proper seamless lead nurturing:

Methods of Lead Nurturing Process With Email Marketing

1. Keep your focus on email content quality

To perfectly use email marketing for lead nurturing, it is vitally important to keep your focus on content quality. This is so because if email content quality is high, potential customers can easily understand your products and services, which means they can make a purchase decision quickly. In a nutshell, high-quality email content is must to tempt prospects to buy products and services. To improve the odds of moving leads downwards in the sales pipeline, customized lead supporting email messages should be sent.

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“How to customize lead nurturing email messages?”

Here are some essential tips:

  • Address potential customers by their name in the email you are going to send.
  • Attach attention-grabbing pictures concerning your products and services.
  • Write the email content in a simpler language so that a layman can comprehend your brand message.

2. Create alluring subject lines

All things considered, you may have known one saying that states, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, this familiar aphorism doesn’t fit in the email marketing world. As revealed by industry reports, 64% of lead nurturing email messages get deleted without being opened because of inferior subject lines.

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That is the fundamental explanation for why each lead generation company in the UK instructs its marketers to come up with compelling subject lines while sending an email to potential customers. Consequently, if you want to nurture leads in the sales funnel on your own, always keep subject lines of your emails luring so as to ensure an uplifted email open rate.

It is vitally important to not underestimate the essentialness of captivating subject lines because your high-quality email content would be meaningless if prospects aren’t going to read your messages.

Here are a few recommendations to create enticing subject lines:

  • 50 to 80 characters are sufficient to develop a compelling subject line.
  • Avoid spammy words like Magic, Free, and so forth, as they dwindle click-through rate up to 59%.

3. Be cautious while setting CTA buttons in email

Subsequent to making convincing subject lines and including high-quality content in emails, the next and major step is to place CTA buttons at an appropriate position. Your placement of CTA buttons really makes the difference because this will help to move generated leads down into the sales pipeline.

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Through CTA buttons, potential customers can access more information on products/services if they want to. In case CTA buttons are placed to each other closely, there is likelihood prospects may get confused and opt to buy no products/services. At last, this would result in email deletion, which consequently, ends up in poor lead conversion.

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‘Is it possible to place multiple CTA buttons in a single email?’

Of course, here’s how multiple CTA buttons can be placed in a single mail:

  • Add one button in the header of the email.
  • Put your company’s link in the body.
  • Include one CTA button in the footer.            

Final few words:

One thing which is clear as a crystal is perfect lead nurturing is important for seamless business expansion. However, nurturing leads isn’t easy these days because prospects think a lot before purchasing products/services and still fail to make a purchase decision. By means of this write-up, we have discussed how email marketing technique can help in lead nurturing. We hope you have understood all the things up to perfection. Thanks for reading!