The challenges that arise due to the inappropriate and poor leave management to leave an overall impact on the organization; these challenges need to be addressed to avoid implication. The conventional leave management system consists of loopholes right from the leave defining to tracking and management. The employees also get frustrated due to the efficiency of the leave management and also does not have the accurate idea of the leaves they are getting as per the policy of the company, which creates chaos. Leave management system curbs all the loophole of the conventional system along with providing the various technology and functionalities that eases the enter process and increases the accuracy of the data. Here is the resolution that the system provides of the challenges eliminate the as well as to curb the implications.

The Implication of Poor Leave Management

Tackle Mismanagement of Leaves Type Determination

Every company has its leave policies along with the ones that are as per the government norms. The conventional system does not give the feasibility of defining the leave matrices that include leave types along with distinguishing factors and criteria that define the nature of the leave type. The modern leave management system provides the template matrices along with the feasibility of creating a new one as per the companies’ policy. It gives the exact and clear idea to the employees of the leaves, it’s eligibility and also the consequences when fail to follow the policy. It eliminates the implications that are caused due to improper leave type determination.     

Keep Check on Leaves

To fetch out the employees who are on uninformed leaves, the manager needs to have a track of the employees who have applied for leave for that particular day. Tracking the leave is important as it becomes easy for the manager to eliminate the suffering that work has to due to the unavailability of the employees. Unaddressed leave will sometime affect the delivery of the project and thereby also the reputation of the company. Leave management system eases the process of employees’ leave applying keeps in mind the departmental presence criteria. They can also get the count of the available leave that they can able to utilize in the corresponding or consecutive months. The biometric devices ease the task of tracking the uninformed leaves as it provides real-time attendance data of the employees.     

Easy Leave Approval or Rejection

The employees and managers are provided with the employee and managerial self-service portal; respectively, wherein they can keep track of the leave status. The managers can view all the pending leaves to be approved or rejected. They can also view the employees taking leave from that department to justify the approval or rejection without affecting the work. The employees get notifies of the leave approval or rejection; they can also check for the current tire of the approval flow and the status. The system also provided the feasibility to define an approval hierarchy for leave approval along with the feasibility to complete the task of leave approval whenever the manager wants.

Reduce the Impact on Employee Performance

The absence of tee employees has a direct impact on the deadlines of the project, harming the reputation of the company degrades the growth and also opportunities of the company which is harmful to both employers and employees. To eliminate this scenario, the leave management system provides the criteria for individuals as well as departments to have a low impact on the work. It also eases the process of overtime calculation and processing due to the accurate overtime data. 

Reduce Impact on Company Cost and Operability Cost

Accuracy in the leave management data eliminates the cost of false pay that the employees have induced due to time theft and buddy attendance. The cost of the system is also low than the conventional system as it only includes subscription fee that includes pay per employees cost whereas the conventional system includes updation cost, license cost, modification cost and more. The system also takes up the work of many, reducing the operability cost of the company. The system is also compliance friendly and is facilitated with integration, which automatically integrates the leave management system with the payroll module and thereby processing accurate salary and saving the cost from faulty payroll.